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North Shore Digital is a website marketing agency based on the North Shore of Vancouver. We are specialists in SEO and Google Ads for SMEs (small to medium sized businesses).

What makes us stand out is the integration of our website marketing services: Web Design, SEO, Google Ads & Hosting. 

We began in June 2018 when Andrew asked Ira and Kaan if they were interested in working together on his freelance clients that were beginning to grow in number. However, it wasn’t until Andrew joined the BNI in August 2019 and began to get more local clients that things began to take off. Other key milestones include incorporation in November 2019 and Ira joining full-time on April 1st, 2020. 

We have now grown steadily to over 50 current clients. Our focus industries include trades and home-related (e.g. landscaping, electricians, painters, realtors), and Financial Advisors.

We provide customized consulting for all our clients. These include Sothebys International Realty Canada, Great Canadian Landscaping Company, Houston Landscapes, Romex Canada, Futurist Speaker Nikolas Badminton, world leading expert on economics and AI Professor Ajay AgrawalIcon&Co Real Estate Marketing & Sales, REMI Realty, and more.



We don’t mean to be greedy but we have two missions… they compliment each other nicely.

1. Helping Awesome People Succeed Online

You are awesome but you need help to succeed online. That's our job.

2. Making Data Make Sense

Analytics can be overwhelming. We'll focus on the metrics that matter most to your business.



We love where we live and work. We’re committed to the North Shore of Vancouver. It’s why we named our company after it. We represent the North Shore and it represents us in terms of our shared values

  1. Sustainability – we’re not focussed on crazy growth. We want to grow steadily by doing awesome work for awesome people. 
  2. Adventure – life and work should be fun. It should be challenging but you should do it with people you want to help and whose company you enjoy. (pun intended)
  3. Community – our mission is to help awesome people succeed online. We believe in community and doing right by people. Helping people succeed leaves a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  4. Abundance – no scarcity here. Just learn to give and be helpful. You’ll learn more that way. Don’t be closed off or worried about giving out secrets. Be useful in life.
  5. Work Life Balance – if you want a great work culture and longevity, you need to build in fast pace and rest time. We focus on getting great client results without burning out.




The Altruist
Andrew has over 10 years' digital marketing experience. He loves Messi above Ronaldo.

Andrew Jackson - CEO & Founder

Andrew is an SEO and digital marketing professional with over 10 years’ specific experience. He teaches courses, such as Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM Fundamentals, and Google Analytics, at BrainStation, the global leader in digital skills training. Previously, he wrote and researched three digital marketing online courses for the University of British Columbia.

Originally from the UK, he has lived and worked in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, and is now settled in Canada. He has wide-ranging experience in the education, technology, event, and digital media industries, having fulfilled roles as diverse as Marketing Director at a high tech start-up, Digital Marketing Manager at an international boarding school, and Digital Media Specialist for GLOBE, the international symposium on the business of the environment. Andrew has a B.A. in German Studies and a Master of Science in IT, Management & Organizational Change from the Lancaster University Management School, one of the leading business schools in the UK. He is happily married with 3 daughters and lives on the North Shore, a place he is proud to call home. 

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The Maverick
Ira is our analytics dude. He loves practical jokes, fitness and outdoor adventures.

Ira Thomson - Co-Founder, Analytics & Insights

Ira is North Shore Digital’s Co-Founder Director of Analytics. Ira takes a data-driven approach to your website experience and campaign management. He ensures proper technical configuration & tracking of your most important website and campaign events.  He is proficient with multi-platform analytics and reporting tools, such as Google Analytics, Ads, Data Studio, Tag Manager & more which he uses to evaluate user behaviour, reach, engagement and targeting for both organic and paid campaigns. He advises clients on how to translate campaign strategy into campaign tactics using data-driven insights.

Ira is specifically well-versed in our education, health & wellness and tourism industry verticals, with experience working in Digital Marketing at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver, as the International Programs & Marketing Manager at St. George’s High School and Marketing Coordinator at SaaS MetroQuest. Ira is a graduate of UBC with a degree in Economics and graduate level coursework at BCIT in Spatial Data Analytics. 

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The Specialist
Kaan is the task master. He loves his dog. His bite is worse than his bark.

Kaan Turker - Digital Marketing Specialist

Kaan is a Google certified partner and inbound marketing specialist. He is a BBA/Marketing graduate, with a passion for digital marketing. Kaan has extensive experience working in digital marketing in international education for Bodwell High School

Kaan is a continual learner and has taken many online courses to boost his digital skills knowledge, including his inbound marketing certification from HubSpot, and various other courses from Udemy and Google

Kaan graduated from Capilano University with a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). 

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The Craftsman
Jan is a problem-solver. He loves to kayak and read fantasy novels.

Jan Caynap - SEM Campaign Manager

Jan is an ecommerce, SEO, Google Ads, and WordPress specialist. He has worked in the ecommerce industry for more than 7 years, ultimately gaining experience in business to customer (B2C) sales, digital marketing, website development, fulfilment processes, customer experience, promoting and merchandising products.

Jan is a graduate of BCIT with a senior management certificate in New Media and Web Development. He is also a graduate of Brainstation’s Search Engine Marketing program.



The Captain
Jan is a problem-solver. He loves to kayak and read fantasy novels.

Harrison Lee - Digital Marketing Analyst

Harrison is a Digital Marketing Analyst, with a specialization in Paid Ad Campaigns. Harrison relishes extracting insights from data, and turning them into actionable recommendations for campaigns, and is driven by delivering profitable results for clients. He is certified in digital marketing by GoogleFacebook, and Hootsuite. He also has extensive experience with eCommerce, specifically Shopify, developed during his 3 years working at Kingdom Jewelry, where he also worked as a digital marketer while studying at UBC.

Harrison is a UBC Sauder School of Business graduate, achieving his Bachelor of Commerce Degree (BCom) with a specialization in Entrepreneurship, and a secondary focus in Marketing. His education at  UBC allowed him to develop strong skills in financial analysis, business model planning & development, and digital marketing. These skills are particularly in-demand with North Shore Digital clients across all our focus verticals.



The Communicator

Jessica Thomson - Web Designer & Branding Specialist

Jessica is a graphic designer and communications specialist with a background in marketing. She is also a mixed media artist, dabbling in everything from painting and ceramics to fibre art creations.  



The Designer

Caroline Mitic - Graphic & Web Designer

Caroline is an award-winning graphic designer, a photographer, artist, and writer. She has a deep-rooted passion for all things beautiful and finds sheer pleasure in creating designs that are physically appealing and emotionally stimulating. 



We help awesome people succeed online by making data make sense for their business.

The heartbeat of our company is our people who are creative, agile, and collaborative.

We support and celebrate one another. Our clients mean the world to us.