SharpSpring CRM & Marketing Automation

What is SharpSpring?

SharpSpring is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that encompasses or integrates with all the marketing and sales tools in one place, allowing you to send the right message to the right people at exactly the right time. 

  • Build forms, landing pages, and emails that are dynamic and targeted. 
  • Create dynamic lists that update automatically and send personalized emails. 
  • Create workflows for your leads and opportunities to send automated drip campaigns based on time or their custom fields. 
  • Track Everything in one place for accurate ROI analysis. 
  • Assign lead scores to quickly identify hot leads and cold leads.
  • Allows for cross-device tracking and merges the data in life of the lead. 
  • Visitor ID tracks people even if they haven’t filled a form. Once they become a lead the historical data automatically matches with the lead.
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How SharpSpring can help you bring more revenue?

  • Brings all your marketing efforts to a single software with a single fee. No more paying for email builders, form builders, landing page builders, chatbots or for CRM systems individually.
  • Get real-time notifications when the lead visits your website again and reach them when they are researching your services or products.
  • Automations speed up and improve the communication between you company and your clients, as well as between your team members. This saves hours of valuable time. 
  • Brings all the tracking to one place for accurate analytics for all marketing efforts. You will be able to identify where your leads are coming from, which campaigns are converting, and how customers interact with your company during their buyer’s journey.
  • Dedicated account manager to help you with onboarding and ongoing trouble shooting.



Form Builder

  • Endless and effortless way to collect information about your leads.
  • Create forms that are native to your website with visual builder.
  • If you would like to keep your existing forms, SharpSpring integrates with major form builders like Wufoo, Gravity Forms, Salesforce and much more.

Landing Page & Blog Builder

  • Point-and-Click page builder allows you to create landing pages and blog posts without needing to code. 
  • SharpSpring webpages are automatically responsive on all devices.
  • Display different information to different personas using dynamic content and pages.

Email Builder

  • Drag-and-drop email builder with prebuilt templates.
  • Personalize emails with custom fields by using merge variables. 
  • Send the same email that looks different for different audience groups with dynamic content or send SmartMails to individuals. 
  • Include attachments with your newsletters.

Trackable Media Center

  • Upload and store all kinds of content; including, pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, csv, zip, jpg, png, and gif.
  • Track any individual content online by uploading it to Media Center.
  • Create unique links for the same file that will be used in different platforms for accurate tracking.

Social Media Publishing & Listening

  • Unlimited users and unlimited profiles. 
  • Create one post and publish it on multiple platforms with one click. 
  • Publish instantly or schedule social media posts within SharpSpring.
  • Monitor your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Follow relevant #hashtags and competitors’ profiles.

Content Calendar

  • Consistently engage with your customers.
  • View all your published and scheduled blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts in one calendar.


Contact Manager

  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Organize contacts with accounts and their opportunities. 
  • Track and record all kinds of information with custom fields.
  • Notify your team directly with email or text message reminders when a new lead or opportunity comes. 

Dynamic Audience Lists

  • Unlimited number of lists and segmentation options.
  • List of contacts that update in real-time for accurate segmentation.
  • Reach your leads with content that are based on where they are at their buyer’s journey. 

Personas and Lead Scores

  • Establish marketing personas of your audiences for tailored reach.
  • Assign scores based on engagement, and contract information.
  • Differentiate cold and hot leads with lead scoring.
  • Target marketing campaigns based on lead scores.

Visitor ID

  • Tracks website visitors as soon as they visit your website.
  • If they visit again and convert, SharpSpring will match their previous visits with the lead and display in in their life of the lead section.

Life of the Lead

  • Detailed record of all the interactions that the lead had with your company online including all the conversions, communication, and engagement in a timeline.

Retargeting Ads

  • Retarget online ads to contacts in certain audience lists.
  • Very targeted ads that are only visible by people who are in the lists you assigned.
  • Advertise to people with their Visitors IDs.


Opportunities Pipelines

  • Visually view and edit each step of your sales funnel.
  • Create unlimited opportunities for your product or service offerings.
  • Write notes for others and have custom fields on opportunity level. 

Sales Funnels

  • Add unlimited number of sales pipelines and stages.
  • View the effectiveness of your sales funnel and identify bottlenecks in each step of your customers’ buyer’s journey.

Task Manager

  • Assign tasks to yourself or your team members with ease.
  • Send notifications and reminders to keep up with all the different marketing campaigns and activities.

Sales Meetings & Webinars

  • Conduct virtual sales meetings for individuals or groups.
  • Have webinars that can include hundreds of people. 
  • Send series of automatic emails to boosts event registration numbers. 

Visual Workflows

  • Automate various internal and external tasks to save time.
  • Map unique paths to conversion for each lead based on their needs. 
  • Build visual automations that trigger automatically based on your chosen criteria to reach the lead at the right time. 

Drip Campaigns

  • Improve conversion rate with lead nurturing using drip campaigns. 
  • Send emails based on personas, leads scores or custom fields. 
  • Automate all your emails using time-based or filter-based actions.


Custom Sales Reports

  • Create sales reports that fits your needs. 
  • Organize reports based on time frame, products, services, region, sales people, and much more. 

Sales Forecasting

  • Identify potential sales opportunities and plan for the future by using your previous efforts as a benchmark.
  • Organize your time and inventory accurately for high converting channels. 

Google Ads Reporting

  • Track your Google Ads retargeting efforts from the keywords that your customers entered to all the way to the sale.

Campaign Tracking

  • Track the conversion rate of all sources, which pages they visited, which URLs brought them there, and what were their search terms.
  • Analyze the performance of printed content with unique URLs.

Website Insights

  • Unlimited websites and subdomains to track.
  • Compatible with all content management systems incl. WordPress.
  • Track the same user’s activities on your website across multiple devices.

Email & Form Analytics

  • Analyze the conversion rate of each individual form and email.
  • Understand your ROI with powerful customizable metrics.
  • Monitor opens, clicks, bounces and deliveries of your emails.