Your Google Ads Account and Campaign is an important asset for your business. Here's why you should choose North Shore Digital.

We work hard to understand your business goals and translate these into campaign objectives. 

We talk about, and optimize for, success metrics that go beyond typical Google Ads measurements like impressions, clicks, CTR & CPC. We not only want to achieve a reliable lead generation channel but also work towards lead quality, leads that convert to sales and leads that bring the most revenue and life-time-value for your business.

We also don’t view your Google Ads campaign in a silo. We analyze and report results in context of all your other marketing channels so you know where you’re getting the best ROI. 

We’ve decided to become experts in Google Ads and have chosen this as our only paid search management offering (see why here).

We also specialize in SEO for ranking your business organically on Google and have a deep knowledge and experience of this specific search engine. 

Our Google Ads director works 9-5 solely on Google Ads. Keeping up with the latest best practices, machine learning advancements, client data and integrations. 

1 – We believe in full transparency and accountability. We will never lock clients out of their own accounts and welcome clients asking any questions about their campaign configurations, updates and changes. 

2 – We report on metrics that matter to your bottom line like your return-on-ad-spend and lead quality. We aim to improve your account every month but if we don’t we report these results honestly and work hard to troubleshoot. We don’t puff up our results with vanity metrics like impressions or clicks. 

3 – You’ll love our reporting. We offer customized reports that visulize metrics that matter to your specific industry, business and brand. We also include some of our key insights from the month and recommendations for the next month that we enact. 

4 – Finally, our reports offer insight and analysis that goes beyond the scope of only your Google Ads campaign. We’ll offer recommendations that can be applied to other areas of your business such as website page performance, product/service benefit statements and headlines that convert, and how other marketing channels are performing compared to Google Ads and what you can do to improve this performance. 

Google Ads utilizes machine learning across it’s platform allowing advertisers to improve performance. 

We understand how to leverage this technology with proper data inputs, configuration and monitoring. 

We also understand where machine learning can outperform human analysis and where human input truly matters. 

We know that best performance happens when humans and machines work together. 

We ensure client business needs are properly translated into clear system input, success metrics are clearly defined and synced, ad creative and keyword research is implemented and cross-platform integration is set up.

We’ll integrate  components such as your website CMS, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to ensure you’re campaign is synced with your website and we can measure every important website action. 

We want to know which specific keywords, Ad Copy, Ad Group, location, audience, demographic and more drove the most quality leads and revenue for your business and proper integration is essential. 

We want to be held accountable for our performance so our pricing is month-to-month. We’ll never lock you into a contract. 

We also don’t ever charge extra for additional campaign work that may be needed if you switch to a new website, domain, want to add a new service etc. Our Full Campaign Management fees are inclusive of all campaign work. 

We have happy clients and the credentials to prove it with a 5* Google My Business rating and a BBB A rating. 

No Strings Attached.

Contact us today for a free consultation or account health check. 

If you have a current Google Ads account we’ll have a look and let you know how to improve performance. 

Feel free to take this advice and apply it yourself or try our Full Management Service. 

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