Why We Use Advanced Call Tracking with CallRail

At North Shore Digital, we are focused on service based businesses in 3 industry verticals – Home Services, Health & Wellness and Financial Services. 

Being able to track precisely which marketing and online channels are producing leads and customers is a major strategic advantage. We want to be able to accurately measure ROI, so you can invest in your most profitable marketing channels and identify issues to improve poor performers.

One of the most important leads we measure are phone calls. 

Although we always set up campaigns with standard phone call tracking from the beginning, we also offer advanced Call Tracking through integration with CallRail, an advanced Call Tracking software & platform and widely considered the leader in call tracking.  

CallRail offers some fantastic additional benefits above and beyond standard call tracking and we include it for free as part of our Online Growth Plan. Here are a few reasons we recommend advanced call tracking with CallRail:

1- It’s free with our growth plan. We’ll configure, test, deploy, track and report on calls. Leave the set up and maintenance to us!

2- There are always calls that go unreported through standard call tracking. A common cause of this is someone visiting your website through a marketing paid or organic channel (such as Google Ads or Google My Business) and then simply entering the number directly in their phone (rather than clicking on the phone call CTA). This call won’t be attributed to the correct channel, so you don’t know which marketing channel produced this lead! With dynamic # swapping in CallRail we create a distinct number for each marketing channel so the lead source will always be tracked, regardless of when or how it’s dialed.

3- The devil is in the details. With CallRail you can see a list of all your recent calls with the exact source, caller number & name, call duration (important to qualify leads!), as well as detailed campaign info on the exact campaign, Ad and even keyword that led to the call.

call tracking for businesses

4- You can utilize as a CRM to qualify every lead – with simplicity. Record whether the lead converted to a customer, the value of the business and use customized tagging to sort callers by service and more. This also helps us feed back actual conversion value data into paid campaigns, so we can bid on quality leads & lead value – rather than just net lead generation.

call tracking for small business

5 – Turn on Call Recording to review client calls or help train new staff. One of the advanced features of CallRail is their optional call recording. You can turn this on to play back client calls to review any details of the service call, or use this feature to help train new front line staff that may be taking calls as part of their role.

6 – Review client journey details. For services with a longer sales cycle that involves multiple phone calls, or for prospective customers that may have called after hours then called again, you can review their specific timelines. See which campaigns produced the initial touchpoint, which website pages they visited, which search terms they used, when they called each time – and more!

call tracking

7- Finally, CallRail has a myriad of additional benefits that we turn on or off depending on the business, client and need. These include Call Forwarding, Form Tracking, Google Ads & Analytics Integration, Multi-Touch Analysis & Attribution, Toll-Free numbers, Call Sequencing & Prioritization and much more!

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